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WeddingsAre you looking for a venue to host your wedding,sweet 16 party or any other event that means a great deal to you? If you are then you know how much difficult it is to find an accommodating place, where you can comfortably have a great time with your family and friends and yet get a good price for it. Finding this kind of place that also includes great scenery to take photos and videos afterwards with great catering does not come easy. However, at Island Chateau you will get what you are looking for and much more. It is the perfect location for a wedding. A wedding is not all about cake and the brides dress but it is about the union between two people deeply in love. What better way is there to express this love than painting it at the back of your mind for the rest of your lives with the amazing sceneries at Islands Chateau? The grounds are amazing for a garden wedding, if your preference is for the outdoors. Even more exciting is that it offers a cool and relaxing environment away from the hustlers of the city, not only will it be an amazing day for you but your family and friends will be amazed, relaxed and enjoy the day together with you.

Why choose to trust us with your special day?

  • Our catering services are definitely top notch; we are committed to make your day a success with our high quality catering services from the moment you walk in to the moment your wedding concludes. Your needs will be our top priority.
  • Our exterior and interior designs are elegant to say the least. We understand the need to create that princess moment for the bride and our interior designs will not disappoint you.
  • Our premise is family owned and the grounds are well customized to suit for the perfect event, with the interiors of the halls large enough for the ceremony and reception.
  • Our experience. We have been in this business for quite a long time and we have the experience of hosting more weddings than we can remember. But what is unforgettable are the smiles from the many couples that have left our premises as man and wife.
  • Our commitment to you. We only host one event at a time, so what you can be sure of is our undivided resources, attention and commitment in ensuring that your big day is not only awesome but elegant and beautifully executed.
  • Affordable prices. While you are thinking of putting that big day into place, you might get overly concerned about the cost that you will incur. What we can promise is that you will not be digging deep into your pocket with us. Our prices are friendly and they are accompanied by quality services, so you won’t lose out on either.

Visit us and allow us to help you make your big day, big indeed. We are focused on giving you a memorable wedding. Give your family and friends a spectacle that they will not only enjoy, but one that will not leave their memories.

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