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Parties are wonderful if you are attending, while planning not so much. It could become stressing and frustrating trying to organize a party especially one with quite a number of guests. The pressure is on you if you have to personally create the party’s theme or even come up with a new idea that you have not already done. Planning is not the only thing that will be stressing you up, ensuring that it flows as you had planned it without any hiccups. Oh, not to mention the clean up that you will be required to do the next day, cleaning up after your friends messes. If you have planned a party before, you don’t get to do the fun stuff; you are busy taking care of everyone else. That’s where we come in, we know how much planning takes away the fun from a party, especially a sweet 16 party, with your friends probably sure to make a mess. We take all that stress away from you, and ensure you are among the people having fun. You don’t need to worry any more about what theme will perfectly go along with your party or what ideas will be perfect. We will be there with you every step of it to listen to your ideas and give you 100% of our support.

Why Choose to Celebrate Your Party with Us?

Our premises are spacious enough to host a sweet 16 party and more than a couple of friends. Depending on the theme you would like or the idea for the party, the halls will easily accommodate the kind of party that you have in your mind.
Committed management and staff. Our management and staff are at your disposal to ensure that the party is going on as planned and saving you the need to worry. Our staff are experienced and devoted to ensuring the success of the party but also that everything is in order as you want it every time.
Our catering services have been perfected over 40years of service in the catering industry.
We are located in a quiet community that offers you a different environment from the normal. It offers a perfect location for a sweet 16 party, with the flexibility to accommodate the kind of party you need.
We take away your worries and allow you to enjoy your party with peace of mind throughout. No more worries about who will clean up the mess. Let us worry about that.
Our pricing is fair and we offer you value and quality. You will not have to break your bank in order to fund your party. Our prices are affordable and with the input of quality services you will receive, you will not regret a dime.
We want you to do less of worrying and more of having fun. Let us worry about making your party an absolute success, which will have your friends impressed enjoying the party. Visit us and let us help you plan your sweet 16.

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